About Us

Wildabout Wildlife Rescue Centre, located approximately 4 km north of Kilmore, was founded in 2009 by Lisa and Duane Milligan in the immediate aftermath of the Black Saturday bushfires. During the time of the bushfires the centre served as a triage, treatment and rehabilitation centre for wildlife injured during the fires; taking into care koalas, kangaroos, possums, birds and even domestic pets. To this date the centre continues to provide shelter to injured and orphaned wildlife of all shapes and sizes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.




From mid-2009, veterinarian Dr Alistair Brown has assisted, providing veterinary services to the centre. Over time, Dr Brown has equipped the centre with veterinary equipment to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of animals in care. To date, the on-site equipment includes a general anaesthetic machine, xray equipment, platform scales, humidicrib, oxygen generator, oxygen pulse meter and a dart gun; in recognition of the lack of emergency veterinary facilities available for wildlife in the area, especially after hours. In addition to treating the injuries, routine surgical procedures are regularly carried out at the centre.

The centre also has mobile rescue capability, with a 4WD and purpose built equipment trailer to facilitate rescues from incidents such as motor vehicle accidents, fence entanglements and bushfires.

With an eye to the future, Wildabout Wildlife Rescue Centre is beginning to focus on the needs of injured adult marsupials. Currently, there are few shelters in Victoria with the facilities to take adult marsupials into care. As a direct result, most injured adult marsupials have to be shot or euthanased, even if the injuries are of a relatively minor nature, due to the lack of alternatives. As urban spread of Melbourne continues steadily northwards, the need for this facility has never been greater.

In recognition of the valuable work being acomplished, the centre was given a modified shipping container by Wildlife Victoria in 2010; specifically designed for the hospitalisation of high care injured wildlife.            

The Wildabout Wildlife Rescue Centre is also seeking to develop an educational aspect to its activities, by providing educational packs to local primary schools.

Australia has a unique variety of wildlife and Wildabout Wildlife Rescue Centre wishes to play its part in preserving these incredible animals for future generations to appreciate. Currently, all of our work is self-funded.